Mount Macedon


Mount Macedon is home to the most stunning historic gardens in Australia. The Spectra-Scape team were tasked with restoring this Victorian country garden after decades of neglect.

Thorley Park was formerly part of ‘Alton’, one of the largest gardens in Mount Macedon. The owners were open to all ideas as long as the history of this unique property was maintained, specifically the rock walls dating back to the early 1900s and the stunning water feature.

The Spectra-Scape team kicked off this project by widening the garden and retaining the large deciduous and native trees surrounding the property.

Pyrus ‘Cleveland Select’ was planted to create an avenue off the water feature with 100 ‘Miedland White’ Carpet Roses lining both sides of the Pear Walk.

Additional White Hydrangeas were planted opposite the existing Hydrangeas forming a perimeter of white flowering at the entrance of the water feature.

We also planted blocks of Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’ and Rosa ‘Pierre de Ronsard’ creating a palette of white and pale pink flowering.

Large Anduze Vases were imported from Poterie De La Madeleine, Anduze, France. These exquisite vases gave the area structure and symmetry and were planted out with English Buxus and Orange Trees.

Finally, we turfed the avenue with Bermuda to give the garden a classic, timeless finish.