Looking for a unique piece for your garden?

We can help! Our designer garden service has led us to source rare and authentic items from around the world. We import them to Australia for inclusion in our works and are able to supply to our existing customers.

Take a look at our current range below.

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Antique Cast Iron Mirrors

Sizes & Finishes: We have access to various sizes and finishes, let us know what you need.

Sources: Multiple suppliers across Europe


Planters, Coupes, Mini Anduze

Finishes: Flamme, Vert and Ancienne

Sizes: Several

Source: Poterie De La Madeleine, Anduze, France

Poggi Ugo

Handmade Terracotta Garden Planters


  • 20 x 20cm
  • 30 x 26cm
  • 45 x 38cm
  • 50 x 41cm
  • 60 x 50cm
  • 70 x 57cm
  • 1000 x 84cm
Handmade Terracotta Garden Planters

Source: Poggi Ugo, Impruneta, Florence, Italy

Spring collection

1. Hand made Lanterns
2. Cuvier Vase
3. Bugadier Vase- Available with Terra Noire (Dark Navy Blue Brims)
4. Anduze Vase- Extra Large
5. Mazagran-Shaped Pot

FINISHES: Coarse-Grained Brim Finish 

SOURCE: Poterie De La Madeleine, Anduze, France